Friday, July 15, 2011

T-1 month until the sparks - and airships - fly!

That's right - there's only one month to go until the Cross Bones anthology - with my steampunk romance, "On the Wings of Lir," in it - releases from Dreamspinner Press!!!

I just sent the galley back to my editor, so now it's time to hurry up and wait for the release of Cross Bones. I can't wait to read my fellow authors' stories. I love a good pirate romance, so I'm particularly excited for this anthology :)

To whet your appetite for "On the Wings of Lir," here's the (unedited) blurb:

In the time of Queen Victoria, the invention of airships has brought about a resurgence in piracy. Of all the buccaneers who sail the skies, pillaging merchant airships, the worst is Patrick Kelly, captain of the Wings of Lir. When fate lands Captain Kelly in Hugh Edwards's path, the young lieutenant can't believe his luck. He's determined to capture the pirate...but finds himself caught instead.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Book News: On the Wings of Lir

A quick note before the breaking news: Thank you SO much everyone who has purchased Chasing Alex. It was on Dreamspinner Press's bestseller list for more than two weeks and I'm both honored and thrilled by this :)

I'm very excited to announce that I'll have another new story out this summer. "On the Wings of Lir" will be available August 15th in Dreamspinner Press's Cross Bones anthology!!! Best of all? The Cross Bones anthology will be available in both ebook and print!

"On the Wings of Lir" is a male/male steampunk romance. That's right - steampunk, pirates, and romance. I'll post more information closer to the release date, but for now I'll say that "On the Wings of Lir was both fun and challenging for me. I've never written steampunk before, but creating the world of Lieutenant Hugh Edwards and Captain Patrick Kelly was exciting. As for the men themselves...damn, those guys had a few surprises in store for me as I wrote. I hope you enjoy this pair. As of right now, "On the Wings of Lir is a standalone story, but who knows? Perhaps these guys might talk to me again in the future.

Regarding the anthology as a whole, Cross Bones will contain stories from a variety of genres. The one thing all the stories have in common? Pirates, of course ;)

Now it's back to work for me. I've got the edits for "On the Wings of Lir sitting on my virtual desk. And after I finish with Hugh and Kelly....*rubs hands together*....just wait and see.