Saturday, October 30, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Magick?

I'm very proud to announce that my first story, THE TASTE OF MAGICK is now available on Torquere Press!!!!

Whether you're in the mood for a Halloween-time romance, some sexy manlove, naughty tricks, or tasty treats, I hope you enjoy THE TASTE OF MAGICK. I had a blast writing Jason and Travis's story...and who knows? You might be seeing these deliciously wicked warlocks again in the near future ;)

Buy The Taste of Magick HERE
Read more about The Taste of Magick here

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Countdown Begins

We're less than three days away from the release of "The Taste of Magick," my debut short story, available on Torquere Press. I've just gone through my trib copy to check for typos and it's back to my editor. Now it's just a matter of waiting until the clock strikes twelve on Saturday.

If you're wondering what "The Taste of Magick" is about, here's a brief blurb:

The Taste of Magick Cover Warlock Jason Prescott hates Halloween with a passion. His boyfriend, Travis Byrne, loves it with equal fervor. When Halloween time rolls around, the couple’s relationship hits its breaking point. In order to save it, Jason will have to learn to open up, step outside his comfort zone, and show Travis how much he means to him. With the help of a little magick, Jason will deliver a Halloween surprise that turns into a bewitchingly erotic night neither he nor Travis will ever forget.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Riley’s World! is up and running - and now my blog is too!!!

I’m terrible at introductions, but I’ll give it a shot since this is my blog. I’m Riley Shane, Romance Author.

That’s not terribly informative, is it? I’m also a native Californian who has spent the years since graduating high school bouncing around the world at every opportunity. I am a graduate of Vassar College where – despite often being distracted by British Literature – I received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. I’m an avid reader who spends much of my time engrossed in romance novels…when I’m not being shanghaied by the loud, demanding, often-crazy characters that live in my head. Right now you can find me in Northern California, but who knows where I’ll be next? So long as I have my laptop and most discerning critic with me, I’m ready to travel and write from wherever the wind may take me.

Okay, enough about me.  Let's talk books.  I'm thrilled to announce that my first short story, "The Taste of Magick," will be out in 10 days.  It's part of Torquere Press' Halloween Sip line.  Like sexy warlocks?  How about two?  More details - and an excerpt - will be coming soon.