Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's on your nightstand?

1) Slipping in a short(ish) plug: my first Seattle Marauders book, Two-Man Advantage comes out in just 12 days at Loose Id! I've done an overhaul on to coordinate with Two-Man Advantage's cover (neurotic author alert) and you can find the cover, blurb, and an excerpt of Two-Man Advantage here.

2) I'm not asking what's literally on your nightstand, so don't worry ;)

I'm always looking for something interesting to read and can think of no better way to add to my enormous TBR pile than to ask what people are currently reading and loving.

On my virtual nightstand is Strange Familiar by Cassidy Hunter. I've never read Ms. Hunter's work before and this book sounded too fun to resist

Strange Familiar by Cassidy Hunter
Etopia Press
Erotic Paranormal Romance/Romantic Comedy Strange Familiar Cover
Buy Link:
ISBN: 978-1-936751-06-8

Fate finally brings Olivia her Familiar… too bad fate is a bored bitch with a dark sense of humor.

At last, Olivia Brew’s Familiar has found her. Now that the search is over, her weakened powers and strength will be restored, and she can get on with her witchy life. But there’s a problem. Her familiar’s not exactly what she expected. And she just might be falling in love with him.

Kane Oliver’s got problems of his own. He’s not interested in being anyone’s pet, and he’s got secrets so deeply buried even he isn’t aware of them. Though he can’t deny the powerful connection between himself and Olivia, he’s not exactly Familiar material. And there are beings more powerful than either of them who want to keep it that way…


  1. Can't wait for Two-Man Advantage!

    How long of a list would you like from me? LOL

  2. Thanks Angela :)

    How many books are you reading at once? That sounds ominous. LOL.

  3. LOL. I'm reading at least 3 right now. But only one has my undivided attention. ;)

  4. Hi Riley! I hope you enjoy Strange Familiar:)
    I'm looking forward to Two-Man Advantage!

  5. Hi Cassidy - thanks and I did enjoy SF :)