Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's on your nightstand?

This week I finished going through the galley copy of Chasing Alex, my upcoming release (June 1st) from Dreamspinner Press. I'm really excited for Chase and Alex's story to be released. Within the next two weeks, I'll be posting the cover and blurb for Chasing Alex both here and on my website :)

I'm still hard at work on In the Penalty Box - Lord save me from heroes who change the plot of their book multiple times. I think Samson and Landon might be my biggest PITAs yet. Still, I'm enjoying writing their journey, detours and all.

Since I'm pounding away at the keyboard, I haven't had much time to read. Thank goodness for audio books:

Cruising by J.P. Bowie
Contemporary Male/Male Romance Cruising Cover
ISBN: 978-0-85715-198-8
Click here to buy from Total-E-Bound

Adam Brenner is looking for a life change when a long-time friend and associate, Tom Hathaway, offers him a position as casino manager aboard The Maid of the Seas, a luxury cruise ship out of Port Canaveral, Florida.

Trying to leave behind haunting memories of an alcoholic boyfriend on a path to destruction, Adam succumbs to the Latin charm of Vittorio Borghese, the ship’s architect. After a night of hot sex, Adam thinks he might have found the one to help him forget the misery of the past, but Adam soon discovers that life on board a floating resort has its drawbacks to go hand-in-hand with the perks.

Dismayed by the hostility shown toward him by the ship’s captain, and Vittorio’s seeming indifference, Adam finds comfort in the company of Brett Jarvis, a talented singer/guitarist who plays nightly in the ship’s lounge bar. The two men quickly form a warm and loving relationship, and Adam starts to look forward to ‘a life on the ocean wave’, thinking that it will now all be plain sailing.

However, he soon discovers that out on the vast regions of the Atlantic, sudden squalls, both natural and man-made, happen all too frequently—and some people are definitely not the great guys they appear to be.

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