Thursday, May 5, 2011

What's on your nightstand?

Melinda Barron had a book release last week, so of course it's on my virtual nightstand this week. What is everyone else excited to read?

Three Ways to Wicked by Melinda Barron
Resplendence Publishing
Erotic Fantasy Ménage Romance Three Ways to Wicked Cover
ISBN: 978-1-60735-292-1
Buy it here at Resplendence Publishing:

Bestselling Author Krisily Carmichael needs a break from her life. Her horrid ex-boyfriend sold naked photos of her, and now she’s plastered all over the nation’s largest skin magazine. So when an advertisement for a rental cottage near Bath appears in her mailbox, she snatches up the offer.

When she arrives at the remote English cottage, she finds a charming country home with a huge botanical garden…complete with four magical beings trapped inside.

Victim of a wayward spell, the Sorcerer Uriel and his alchemist cousins, Bythos and Acolius, have spent centuries trapped inside their garden with an evil witch who wants their secrets. Krisily’s arrival sets off a string of events foretold to bring about the witch’s end. Unfortunately, they have to contend with the witch’s curse, which took one sense from each of the men.

But the four of them find a way to communicate, and they come together in a blaze of passion that helps them to destroy the witch and meet their destiny.

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