Monday, November 14, 2011

Book News: Winter Wonderland

I’m very happy to announce that on December 14th – exactly one month from today - Winter Wonderland will be available at MLR Press!

Winter Wonderland is a male/male contemporary romance that takes place in New York during Christmas. Winter Wonderland is the sweetest story (not cloying sweet - just sweet) I’ve ever written and I'm looking forward to sharing more news about Connor and Delaney soon.

Below are the book blurb and cover for Winter Wonderland:

For Connor Marino, Christmas can’t get here soon enough. It’s his first holiday alone with his boyfriend, Delaney Carmichael, and they plan to celebrate by playing tourists in New York City on Christmas Eve, followed by a romantic Christmas day at home. But lately Delaney’s
behavior has been odd and Connor is concerned. Connor knows Delaney loves him. Yet he can’t help but wonder if their “Winter Wonderland” of a holiday will be the thing that sends his and Delaney’s relationship into deep freeze...or be the gift the two of them need.

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