Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrate the holidays with MLR Press!!!

Starting today and all through December 31st, MLR Press will be releasing a new holiday short story or novella a day. The stories range from sweet to red-hot and the genres include romance, mystery, and general fiction. The one thing they all have in common? Two men and some holiday excitement ;)

I’m excited and honored to be a part of this collection – huge thanks to Laura Baumbach and Kris Jacen. Look for my story, Winter Wonderland, to be released December 14th.

Below are the release dates for this fantastic event. With 42 stories in all, there’s something for everyone. The stories will be released individually as ebooks and then later in the season as a two-volume anthology.

Happy Holidays,

November 20: Christmasing with You by William Neale
November 21: Holiday C.A.M.P. by Victor J. Banis
November 22: An Early Snow by Derek Adams
November 23: A Picture Perfect Holiday by Z.A. Maxfield
November 24: Tis the Season by Vivien Dean
November 25: Good Will Shopping by Mia Watts
November 26: Someone to be Thankful For by DH Starr
November 27: The Advent Calendar by Christopher Koehler
November 28: Joy of the Season by TA Chase
November 29: Snowy Nights by Laura Baumbach
November 30: Christmas Wishes by JP Bowie
December 1: Scarcity Holidays by AKM Miles
December 2: Chance of Snow by Brynn Paulin
December 3: Holiday Matinée by Elizabeth Lister
December 4: First Christmas by Stevie Woods
December 5: Silent Nights by William Maltese
December 6: Southern Winterland by Taylor Donovan
December 7: Matches by Rick R. Reed
December 8: All He Needed by Simone Anderson
December 9: Christmas Memories by Matthew Lang
December 10: A Summit City by Ethan Day
December 11: Christmas Future by Ally Blue
December 12: Cuddle Time Chicken Soup by Cherie Noel
December 13: All the Souls on Earth by Barry Brennessel
December 14: Winter Wonderland by Riley Shane
December 15: Breath of Heaven by Lex Valentine
December 16: Blue River by Theo Fenraven
December 17: Together by Diana DeRicci
December 18: The Good Shepherd by Jardonn Smith
December 19: Personal Shopper by Tere Michaels
December 20: What You Will by Charlie Cochrane
December 21: Deepest Night by Maura Anderson
December 22: Secret Santa by Claire London
December 23: Every Time a Bell Rings by Missy Welsh
December 24: Noche Buena by Neil S. Plakcy
December 25: Beautiful Harmony by S.J. Frost
December 26: Tofurkey and Yams by Karenna Colcroft
December 27: Finally Home by K-lee Klein
December 28: Christmas Gifts by William Cooper
December 29: Light Me Up by James Buchanan
December 30: Where the Heart Is by Kaje Harper
December 31: Drag and Drop by Kimberly Gardner

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